Trying Dumb Life Hacks To See If They Work

Trying Dumb Life Hacks To See If They Work! Today I'm testing out these lifehacks so you don't have to! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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    Oh my God I love your dogs they’re so cute in a little panda and fox costumes and by the way I’m on my dads account so basically I’m a girl

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    1:17 “ iS tHaT a bUg? “ 😂

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    Hello fellow human's

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    7:16 "Is your ice cream machine broken" 😭

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    ヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ. TFW you tried a hack It worked and it is the best cousin hing in the world

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    I need to try the nutella one yum 😋

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    She really said is the ice cream machine broken😂😂

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    0:40 she kinda look like dora the explorer

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    2:12 winter watermelons. THEY ARE GOOD WINTERMELONS!!!

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    Wait she doesn't have bangs but in the next shot she does.

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    Hello friends your favorite messy hair ISbothr not tying to be mean

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    lmaooo Ash was lik "tf- is u blind

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    I love your videos

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    Who else just realized that she looks like just from New girl

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    Hello other friend and who else likes a lot of fruits and vegetables because I do

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    It was my birthday when you uploaded this :)

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    Ash looks too good like the other dog I love the colors!!

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    a fox and a racoon noice

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    Omg pls do more of these dumb hacks! They’re my favorite kind of videos that you make

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    3:50 microwave it for 15 seconds it show warm up a little enough to make softer to scoop of it's still do 15 more seconds

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    Omg what did u do to her!

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    I tried to do the water hack and it worked because air is easyst to sip for the water you need a hard sip

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    She got a panda and a fox

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    "is that a bUg??" - Lia 2021

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    I watch you sssniperwolf 247

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    I love how she just calls ash 1million times and he's like :HELLLOOOO IM RIGHT HERE MOMMMYYY

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    I though she owned dogs not a lion and a panda

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    No one: Ash: dressed up like a dang fox Lias other dog: dressed up like kung-fu panda! *Hoya*

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    Hi sssniper wolf my name is cate. your dog’s are sooooooo cute. My favourite animal is a turtle.I am 9 years old, on august 2021 I will be 10 years old .Thank you for your time you are the best.

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    Please can you make a satur hack day

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    I’m trying the natella one I’m so excited for nutella ice cream eek 😬

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    I love the join wolf emojis it’s just I’m not aloud to join

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    IS THAT A BUG!? 🤨

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    I tried the last worked😮🙀🤯

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    I kinda miss old ash without her fox skin sorry Ir this hate but your a good ISbother

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    Ash while Lea is Calling her: This girl is an idiot.

  59. AddieGamezOnMinecraft

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    When Nutella is expired, it tastes fine, but secretly... *ITS A DEADLY CREATION THAT WILL GET YOU SICK IF YOU EAT TOO MUCH...*

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    2:08 Try getting an actual bad watermelon and use it for comparison

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    I am sorry to bother you but how would I be able to get the charging cable.

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    Aww your so cute!! 3:42

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    The day you uploaded this video was my birthday

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    Why did you dye your dogs?? 🤣🤣

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    Sssniperwolf: where is ash I can’t see him Me : ASH IS RIGHT THERE ! Is you Dora ?

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    7:15 Lmao 🤣 She asked

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    Video title:hACkS one hack be like: hOw tO nOT dRinK wAtER

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    You got air from the straw one cuz u where blocking part of the space where the water goes from the straw to your mouth Not saying u where lying btw

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    His wife is a very 6 to be a very much for all of the season with a new year and a half years and I think it's the same way that is not the only way is Essex county and the season with the same way to get a new one of the same time as the 5 hf gig fyi the only one of the season and we will

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